Texile Designer

Neroli Textile Co.



Sustainable Textile Wear for Your Tropical Home

Neroli is a home-decor design house focused on contemporary bohemian style products. Our vision to emanate tranquility, sensuality and positive vibes into a space. Neroli is an essential oil froma citrus flower with healing properties such as: relaxation, tranquility, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, disinfectant and sedative.

The properties of Neroli's fragrance  inspired us to project our vision of our products, to have the power to shift the energy in a room with relaxation, positivity and sensuality that comes with a bohemian-tropical style.

We are passionate about the sensitivity of a fabric, we focus on using the best materials available to make it comfortable, cozy but yet sustainable. Focusing on using natural fibers that are biodegradable, up-cycled materials, natural dyes or water-based inks, and at the same time durable with wear and time.