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Amanda Hippert, born and raised in Costa Rica. Shortly after she finished high-school Amanda moved to Buffalo, NY to study abroad at Buffalo State College.

Amanda attended one year studying Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica, then transferred and graduated from Buffalo State College with a Bachelors in Fibers Design (mentored by Jozef Bajus). While attending Buffalo State she achieved several recognitions acknowledging her progress and development within her field. As part of one of her recognition she was fortunate  to  attended to Hasytack Mountain School of Crafts in Summer’12 to study tapestry with Marcel Marois.

Amanda is an all levels designer, she enjoys learning every style of craft out there, from textile design, graphic design, wood design and more. She has a strong sense of style and a good eye for details. Her work represents sustainability with a tropical contemporary bohemian style.

Amanda's work has been exhibited around the world, from Buffalo, NY, Slovakia & Costa Rica. For exhibitions click here.

Amanda also spends as much time needed doing yoga, she has been teaching yoga for over 8 years now. Her teaching and practice helps her disconnect with outside distractions, allowing space for inspiration, balance and well-being.

Yoga is that space where I have a conversation with my body, a space where I truly find peace. Yoga is an art of the body, it's a necessity for human kind"
"I hope to be able to adapt craft techniques I see around the world into my own work as well, making a collage of the art world. And my goal is to create art with a better approach to our impact with nature".